Naar mijn mening is Cindy Crawford (nog steeds) één van de mooiste vrouwen ter wereld en dan heeft ze ook nog eens zo’n mooie mini-me en zoon Presley. Ik las afgelopen weekend op Instyle wat voor beauty advies (ze heeft geen beauty geheimen!) ze Kaia heeft meegegeven. Wilde het natuurlijk even met je delen, zodat jij het aan jouw dochter kan doorgeven 🙂

‘Experience has helped, but I am so happy to be recognized,’ Crawford tells PEOPLE Wednesday night at Tatel Miami . ‘I feel like I am better at my job now!’ Though she still works hard and eats right to maintain her supermodel exterior, she’s developed a love for design in her second career. ‘This is who I am now, and it has become a fun new aspect of my life. In fact, creating a great home environment for my family is a passion. Even my husband likes design. We have built four of five houses.’

When it comes to giving beauty advice, Cindy Crawford knows what she’s talking about. Not only does she seem to be aging backwards, but she’s also a supermodel. Between those two qualifications, we’d listen to anything she had to say on the subject, and we’re not the only ones.

While at Art Basel in Miami, Crawford revealed the advice she’s passed on to her daughter, up-and-coming model Kaia Gerber. ‘I’m so happy for Kaia and tell her there are no beauty secrets but she needs to remember to take off her makeup before she goes to bed each night.I also tell her not to over tweeze her eyebrows because they won’t necessarily grow back.’

Seriously, those two things are almost all a girl needs to know, but Crawford’s advice doesn’t star there. She’s also made sure to teach Kaia that to look and feel your best you should try to get regular exercise, drink lots of water, eat well, sleep enough, and no smoking. The advice goes two ways, though. ‘I can suggest these health and beauty tips from my own experience but when it comes to modern technology, I have both of my kids advise me!’

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