We waren al gek op Diane von Fürstenberg en haar geweldige ontwerpen en dat werd alleen maar bevestigd door de serie ‘House of DVF’ op E! Online, wat een vrouw! De in België geboren 68 jarige Diane maakt al meer dan 45 jaar de mooiste mode en lanceerde in 1974 de iconische wrap dress. Onderstaand item dat Harper’s Bazaar US ‘A day in the life of Diane von Fürstenberg’ een tijd geleden publiceerde geeft een mooi beeld van Diane. Wil je nog meer over haar te weten komen, lees dan zeker haar boek: The woman I wanted to be.

6:30 A.M. I usually wake up with the sun. I like to sleep in a cotton kurta from Abhinav Tandon in New Delhi—he makes the best in the world! The first thing I do is meditate for 10 minutes; I have been meditating for 18 years. (I learned from Deepak Chopra.) I do yoga twice a week and hike on the weekends. I try to stress very little! I love life: That’s my motto. Then I start my day by sending an e-mail to do something nice for someone; sometimes it’s making an introduction or a suggestion or giving a nice compliment. I take a shower in the morning. I use Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious shampoo and Nivea body lotion, and I love Tracie Martyn’s Firming Serum for my face. (I get a facial from Tracie every Tuesday.) For breakfast, I eat fruit—pomegranates, kiwi, papaya—sometimes with yogurt and black coffee. Then I call Europe to talk to my family and discuss business. When I stay in New York City, I walk downstairs to my office-store, which is on West 14th Street in the Meatpacking District. If I am at my house Cloudwalk, in Connecticut, I drive my Bentley into the city.

7:45 A.M. I am a fast dresser, 30 minutes max with hair and makeup. I don’t have a uniform, but I like to be comfortable. I usually wear something from the store from the current season. The shoes are usually DVF boots for winter and a wedge sandal in the summer. For accessories, I always wear my gold Sutra bracelet that I designed for H. Stern, an eclectic mix of jewelry, and a scarf around my neck. I love jewelry, but good jewelry. My husband, Barry [Diller], is very good at giving it. The sequel to the 29 loose diamonds he gave me in a Band-Aid box for my 29th birthday is the 26 wedding bands he gave me for the 26 years we were not married. (We met 38 years ago, and then we were together, and then we got separated, and then we got back together, and then we got married 12 years ago. And for our marriage we decided—you know, his birthday was in five days—”Let’s get married for your birthday.” That’s when he gave me the rings.) The one thing that attracts me the most in men is shyness. I don’t understand what it means to flirt. I don’t like small talk; I like intimacy. With anybody. Seduction—when you are young and you’re cute, you walk the street, anything can happen. That’s the seduction of being young. I can’t say I have never seduced. I have dated my share of men in my life, including Richard Gere and Warren Beatty. Someone asked who was better. But I don’t like to rate or compare; I share wonderful memories of both. Usually I carry whatever bag I am really into at the time; right now it’s our On the Go tote. It’s great for work because it can fit my iPad, iPhone, wallet, Canon G15 camera, and folders. My biggest vice is playing solitaire on my iPad. It’s bad. I mean it’s ridiculous. I have played 10,000 games, and I have had this iPad for only two years. I play everywhere, I play in the bathroom, everywhere! I always read The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and online, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post,and the New York Post. I communicate mostly via e-mail and receive hundreds of e-mails a day.

8:30 A.M. I am usually in the office at this point, unless I have an earlier meeting. I check the mood and try to be inspiring to everyone. The most inspiring woman in my life was my mother, Lily Nahmias. She was in Auschwitz when she was 20; when she came back she weighed 49 pounds. She taught me that fear is not an option. My favorite days are the ones where I deal only with my own team, design, marketing, working on the next accessories collection. I try to do any scheduled press interviews all in one day.



1:00 P.M. I always have a nice lunch in my office, cooked by my chef, Jane Coxwell, who often travels with me. She has a cookbook coming out in May called Fresh Happy Tasty. I wrote the foreword! Maybe an arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette and a quinoa salad filled with fresh seafood and green herbs. I almost always share it with a guest such as Cindy Sherman or Oscar de la Renta or Steven Kolb from the CFDA. I am always on the go, so there is no one particular person I see every day except, well, myself. I see myself every day! All day long I drink water, and ginger tea in the winter.

3:00 P.M. Sometimes I work on other projects in the afternoon. Right now I am finishing my new book, The Woman I Wanted to Be. Before I felt like, Who am I to be giving advice? But I have earned the age and the experience.

7:00 P.M. If I can, I like to eat dinner in. I love soup for dinner or a spicy Indian curry. I like red wine and chocolate for dessert. What would my last supper be? I wouldn’t like the last thing to be necessarily a supper. Maybe going to bed.

8:00 P.M. In New York, you always have a friend who has an opening of something they are promoting, so I go there. And, of course, I love theater. I recently saw The Heiress. I love Jessica Chastain. If I’m at home in New York, I watch TV. If I’m in Connecticut, I watch movies; we have a screening room there, so that is nice. My favorite films? I love All About Eve and A Clockwork Orange. Marion Cotillard would play me in a movie about my life. But Anna Karenina I would say is the novel. I like to read when I’m in Connecticut because there is space to do that. We have three dogs at Cloudwalk, and I just got my husband two more at a rescue center on Melrose in L.A. They are part terrier and part who knows? They are named Chica and Boum. I think my spirit animal would have to be some kind of wild feline, like a leopard. I believe in astrology as much as where you’re born, where you’re from. I’m a Capricorn—I was born on New Year’s Eve. I’m like a goat;I go slowly, I like to hike, I’m a climber. In my past life, maybe I was a man. As for superstitions, I love the number seven.

10:30 P.M. I take a bath with oils from the souks in Marrakech. I meditate and read. I think of the next place I want to travel to. My favorite trips have been Bhutan, the Himalayas, the islands of Vanuatu. I will always travel.

12:00 A.M. I try to get to bed before midnight, but it is not easy. I think the bed is the most important part of any room. Mine is a canopy. It is like sleeping in a tent, which is very fitting, since I am such a nomad!





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