Het nieuwste gezicht van Cover Girl op je 69e? Het kan echt! May Musk (model en diëtiste) vertelde aan W Magazine wat je moet doen om er zo goed uit te blijven zien. Ze zweert bij het Mediterraanse dieet: (voornamelijk groenten) en een positieve instelling. Wat ze doet qua huidverzorging? Dat lees je hieronder, zodat je weet wat je de komende jaren moet doen 😉

Holding court in a particularly sunny room in midtown Manhattan, model Maye Musk sat with her perfectly coiffed snowy, white hair and colorful, crisp orange blouse beaming at the question, “What does it mean to be a Covergirl at 69 years old?” “It’s the most exciting thing that can happen to anyone!” Musk exclaimed, ” I think it would have been great in any point in my life, but it was never my dream, and now I’m going to be 70 in April and I’m a CoverGirl.”

As supermodels of the ’90s, like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, are beginning to reappear on the runway, Musk is on the forefront of breaking down industry barriers. “Every time I’m in a runway show, people are cheering and I’ll say to my team, ‘It’s such a friendly crowd,’ and they say, ‘No, they cheer when they see you coming on because of the shock that suddenly there is this older model coming on.’ And I love it.”

When it comes to her CoverGirl campaign, Musks revels in how diversity in beauty can play such an advantageous role for the next generation. “I think it’s so exciting that they thought about how age is not a problem and the comments I get are so positive,” she shared. “Young girls will stop me in the street and say ‘Thank you, we can all carry on forever!'”

For Musk, who has been in the industry for over 50 years and is also a dietician and author, revealed that the key to longevity in health and beauty is all about lifestyle. “I’ve always had to moisturize, but since my mid-thirties there was SPF coming out, so you had to be careful of the sun, and wear under eye cream, lip balm, and a hat. I also keep myself covered so that the sun can’t get to me. And of course I eat well, because it’s good for the skin. You eat well, you maintain your weight because that’s very anti-aging. When you carry extra weight as you get older, you have more health issues and you don’t feel pretty and your energy is lower.

“The best diets are where you eat real food like low-fat dairy, lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, lots of legumes, oils but not too much oils, because it’s a high calorie food, olives and avocados, the good fats,” she continued.

However, in keeping with a health and sun consciousness lifestyle, Musk shared that real beauty is about a positive attitude and sharing a smile with someone. “If you enjoy your life, than you become more beautiful because you are happier,” she said. “Spend more time sharing your wisdom with others, mentoring younger people and showing them that we have a lot of energy and good stuff still left in us.”

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